RLYO Ghindaresti

On 18th December 2011, at the Community’s headquarters took place the General Assembly of RLYO Ghindaresti members.

The agenda of the meeting covered the following issues:

1)      Activity report of the RLYO Ghindaresti Local Committee;

2)      The election of the RLYO Ghindaresti President;

3)      The election of the new RLYO Ghindaresti Local Committee;

4)      Various;

After the first point of the agenda, the RLYO Ghindaresti members unanimously re-elected Mr. Filat Valentin as President. According to the fundamental law of the Russian-Lipovans Community in Romania, President Filat chose as members of the new Local Committee, and they were validated by the General Assembly, the following members: Artion Petrica as Vice-President, Livia Zenovei as Secretary, Platon Luchian and Irina Tihan as counselors. As substitute members were elected Tihan Claudia and Osip Valentin.


   Artion Petrica, Vice-President                           Livia Zenovei, Secretary


Platon Luchian, Counselor                                                             Irina Tihan, Counselor


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